I have made meaningful connections with each of my clients, allowing their personalities and influence to shine throughout my work. My goal is to elegantly document the authentic, candid moments of laughter, love, and joy as my clients' sessions unfold.

My Photography Story

Capturing Memories

Meet Delaney

I started to gain an interest in photography in about 2017 when I picked up my mom's 14-year-old Sony camera to head to the Cleveland Botanical Garden Orchid Mania Show. I started to venture out with a family member and her friends for portraits; from there I fell in love. Graduating from that 14-year-old Sony to a Canon Rebel SL3 and now to a Canon EOS Mark ii 6d, I've come a long way. And I'm still learning with every new shoot. I want to keep falling in love with capturing and sharing the creativity, curiosity, and confidence every single person has in them!

Tidbits About Me

I currently live in Copley, OH with my husband, Corey, and our loveable chocolate Labrador, Dill Pickle. You will see him a lot on my Instagram stories.

I have an addiction to the movie franchise, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, owning just about everything I can as well as having a few tattoos of Toothless and Berk!

My go-to-coffee pick is Starbucks Iced Irish Cream Cold Brew, (and oh so upset when it is out of season). I also do a lot of crafty projects, so when I am not out taking photos or editing, I am working on making jewelry, Cricut cutting vinyl pieces or embroidery.

Compassion drives our commitment to serving others with empathy, respect, and dignity.  


Everyone is looking for that connection that makes all the difference, don't get lost in mix


Bringing creativity to life is more than just a dream – it takes hard work and dedication! 


We Value...

This was the year of rebranding.  From focusing on building my business name and my portfolio, I grew into where I am today. In Q4, I rebranded with new colors, a new name and dove headfirst into creative portraits and more weddings.

Getting Serious


Despite the pandemic, this was the busiest year for me. I met the most amazing people, created some of my most favorite galleries and got published! I started to shoot weddings this year and captured my first 2 in the second half of the year! 

Busiest year


I started to go out with a young family member and friends to give them memories as I had for my senior year with friends. I fell in love with portraits during this time. 
I joined a Ohio local photography club, Columbus Editorial Society and meet a lot of amazing creatives.

I got into portraits 


I picked up my mom's old camera to head to the Cleveland Botanical Garden Orchid Mania Show.

Got my first hand-me-down camera


The growth continues. Created some amazing styled shoots with some extremely talented creators and got to travel to new locations, even out of state! 

Busiest wedding year so far!


What's next?!


SPRING! I absolutely love the smell of the greenery coming up, all the flowers, buds and cozying up under a blanket during a spring rainstorm. 

Favorite Season?

Travel to new and exciting places. Both nationally as well as internationally. I am thinking my travel goals for 2023 is getting out to the East Coast and bop around the sights as well as meeting more creatives. 

What is on your bucket list?

"This too shall pass."
My brother shared this with me. Life is a series of events that challenge us and inspire us. Sometimes we feel like we have it all together, then the next, we feel out of control and like things are falling apart. Both of those feelings will pass. That’s why it’s good to stay confident during challenging times, knowing that you’ll work your way through it. When you show grit, determination and perseverance, great things will come on the other side.  

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

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